Systems Analyst

 Successful systems analyst candidates must be excellent analytical thinkers and problem solvers, as well as   effective  communicators.

 A broad understanding of, and experience working with hardware and software systems, including their installation,   maintenance and life cycles is required.

 Employers look for five or more years of experience working with specific applications and/or operating systems. 

      Computer Network Architect

 Successful candidates need an extensive background in all aspects of networking technology and must possess   excellent communication skills. 

 Employers generally seek at least seven years of experience with network operating systems such as Cisco, Novell   and Windows Server. A networking certification from   sources such as Cisco, Microsoft or Novell also is highly valued.

 Network architects should also have experience working with routers, switches, cabling and other essential network   hardware.

      Systems IT Engineer

 In addition to in-depth knowledge of the technology being used, engineers need advanced analytical,   troubleshooting and design skills.

 The ability to communicate complex information to technical and nontechnical users, including management, is also   essential.

 Employers may require extensive knowledge of the development process, including specific documentation and   quality assurance.

 Employers generally prefer candidates with five or more years of engineering experience working with the specific   hardware and software systems used by the   company.


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