We are the first Niche Medical Cannabis recruitment solution agency in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and we focus on the ability to fully understand industry professionals' requirements in order to build

strong relationships,( that is what sets us apart)  as we strive to impress our clients with efficient, time-sensitive, and cost-effective industry talent match with certifications for most positions and if specified clients need a trial period we provide what we call a test-drive service.

We aim to understand your business and specific staffing needs to build a strong working relationship with your company, based on mutual trust, honesty, integrity, and respect.

We are committed to building long-term relationships with both our clients and candidates alike, we will achieve this through all our staff continually displaying the company business values at all times with customer focused, passion, and our search for continuous improvement.

Now that 25 states have legalized the medical use of marijuana and four states have legalized recreational marijuana with more to follow L.N.A.S. Solutions recognize this industry as a legitimate professional business with millions of dollars in profits and thousands of new jobs being created, we know and understand that the cannabis industry now claims the status of the fastest growing industry in the United States.

We want to make sure that individuals that are starting new in this business understand that they don’t have to tackle this fast-growing market along. Because that sometimes happens when a new industry emerges, we don’t want our business owners to get overwhelmed by the array of jobs that will spring up because marijuana is now increasingly viewed as a legitimate opportunity and the stereotypes are disappearing, in fact the industry is starting to attract top-tier, educated, talented and ambitious professionals.

Quote: The fastest-growing industry in America is marijuana, period,” said Jake Bhattacharya, who recently quit his information technology job to open a cannabis testing lab in Upland.

Think about the fact that you will be looking at attracting professionals from hands-on work with the actual product to back ended work and everything in between.

Quote: With medical marijuana legal in 25 states and recreational use allowed in four, pot outsold Girl Scout cookies in 2015, according to a report from Marijuana Business Daily, a 5-year-old news website that covered the industry.

Quote: The lack of reliable data coupled with the “niche” aspect of the industry is why cannabis isn’t included in mainstream economic and jobs reports, according to Christopher Thornberg, director of the Center for Economic Forecasting and Development at UC Riverside

From my perspective as a Niche recruiter, I will be looking for very versatile people who can wear many hats, feel comfortable with change, and are self-motivated movers and shakers who are ready to full fill roles that will sustain retention which creates a win-win situation.

As a recruiter, my goal is to keep employees connected, engaged, and educated on changes to the legislation and regulations that impact this industry. Also treating this industry as a legitimate one and always staying professional. Finally, my goal is to focus on developing skills and relationships and providing value to employers rather than simply knowing the product and market because I have a full understanding that the value is in the relationship.

Just like you, we are driven by a set of fundamental principles that are guiding our way forward. Our values of integrity, compassion, relationships, innovations, and performance serve as a foundation to transform a better full-service solution.  

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Cannabis IS a medicine: Health officials admit drug-extract has 'restoring' effects on the body

Cannabis-based ingredients have a medicinal effect, health officials have admitted.
Products containing cannabidiol - also known as CBD - are now classed as medicines by the UK regulatory body.
It was found to have a 'restoring, correcting or modifying' effect on physiological functions when administered to humans.

Medical Marijuana Update: More Adults Wants Cannabis to be Legalized, Survey

Positive news about the effects of medical marijuana is spreading lately. People who had experienced the good effects of the plants wants others to try it. Different states also want to legalize medical marijuana. Thus, the current survey shows that more adults want the medical marijuana to be legal in the United States.

Adults coming from the United States see the positive side of medical marijuana. The support from them shoots up to 60%, making a close reversal of attitudes held a decade ago. The good review of the effects of marijuana influenced approximately two dozen states to allow legal access to the drugs or any cannabis-related drugs. The U.S. states are set to vote on Nov. 8 on marijuana-related measures.

The new survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 57 percent of the Unites States adult said that the medical marijuana should be made legal and only 37 percent answered that it should be illegal. It was a big difference because ten years ago, 60 percent voted for medical marijuana to be illegal and only 32 percent want it to be legal.

Meanwhile, in the politician's view regarding medical marijuana, the opinions are divided among the republican and democrats. In a survey from the Washington-based center found that 66% of Democrats support the legalization of marijuana while 30% wants it to be illegal. As for the Republicans, 41% favor the legalization, while 55% opposed, the response comes from 1,201 U.S. adults, as reported by Fox News.

As follows, the Liberal Democrats were the most supportive of the legalization of marijuana. The Pew study reports that 78% are in supporting it. As for the millennial adults ages between 18 and 35 have the most support of the legalization, 71% of them are in favor.

As for the other U.S. states, California, Arizona, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada will vote on Nov. 8 for the legalization of recreational use of marijuana. While four other states are voting for access to medical marijuana, according to Reuters.

For our Candidates: We are your #1 choice because we promise to support you whether you are seeking a full-time, part-time, contract, or a permanent move, we will ensure that we support and guide you throughout the whole process.  We are experts in our field and we want to pass this knowledge on, to ensure you have the best opportunity to succeed in the job market.
For our Clients: You are in the right place for your first choice to fulfill your total staffing needs for your business because we will never over promise and under-deliver. We shall be open, transparent and deal with every client with the utmost integrity, with the understanding that recruitment is a two-way process.  We always listen and fully understand your business, your culture, your values, and your requirements, diversity and so much more...
Here are some of the available positions that will need to be filled
- CEO                                                                       - Executive Director                                      - Patient Care Coordinator
- Cultivation Director                                             - Patient Service Director                             - Sale/Marketing Rep.
- Physicians                                                            - Nurses (RN, CRNA, NP)                              - Transportation
 -Security and Compliance Director                   - Security Personnel                                      - Consultants
-Cultivation Manger                                              - MIP Chef                                                       - Lab Techs
- Receptionist/Office Assist                                 - IT Support                                                     - Processing Tech
- Marketing Advisors                                             - Accountants                                                 - Attorneys
- Managers                                                             - Grower                                                          - Growing Maintenance
- Delivery Driver                                                     - Trimmers                                                      - Much more...                 

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