We Focus on IT System Analyst & Cannabis
We pride ourselves on over 11 years of experience in recruitment and human services. During this time, we have figured out the ins and outs of the business. We think this makes us pretty good at spotting exceptional talent. Whether it’s ICT/IT System Analyst, Network Designers, System Engineers, Computer Architects, or any job title under the Cannabis industry we are confident that we can help you fill essential roles at your organization.

We want to get to know your company and what makes you tick. Reach out to us and let’s start a conversation. A great relationship will lead to a world of opportunities.

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How We Can Help

Worry-Free Hiring

We take the stress out of hiring by doing all the legwork for you. Be assured that you can lean on us for our expertise and passion to help your organization succeed. You’ll save time, you’ll save resources, and you’ll save yourself from a lot of worry. In addition to filling positions, we also offer a lot of other services and benefits.

Don’t worry about payroll for your new hires. We provide payroll servicing to save you an extra headache.

Workshops for our amazing talent
We will provide workshops for your new hires so they are ready to hit the ground running when they start.

Lower Costs
Work with us and you will be spending a lot less money and time on hiring and on-boarding.

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